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SEP-TEKŪ is a blend of highly potent enzymes that act with the bacteria in your system to implement that rate of fermentation, thus keeping your system “working” and free-flowing.


SEP-TEKŪ uses a mixture of enzymes and benign bacteria that combined, when introduced into a septic system, effectively and rapidly promotes the biodegradation and liquification of organic wastes. This allows the system to work and flow freely.


SEP-TEKŪ developed by our chemist, is a blend of enzymes and benign bacteria, which act in concert to break down and dissolve organic wastes, sludge, and cellular materials.


            This is accomplished through the natural digestion of their natural food, by living friendly bacteria.  Their food is dead organic waste matter.  They recycle wastes back to the basic parts of soil, air and water.  Following nature’s governing laws, they feed on wastes, digest, liquefy and recycle them back to actually enhance our environment.  They produce NO POISONS or damaging side effects in the process.  The action is complete.


            Today our systems don’t receive an adequate bacteria supply from natural sources.  Use of acids, anti-bacterial detergents, and disinfectants to kill germs also kill the friendly bacteria our systems must have to operate trouble free.  That is why SEP-TEKŪ is an essential additive.


            With modern living all septic system need a conditioner additive to keep the system “working” and avoid embarrassing odors, back ups and clogged drain fields.


SEP-TEK used as a monthly maintenance product will add the needed enzymes and bacteria to your system to ensure that it will continue to function “trouble free”. 

SEP-TEKŪ is environmentally safe, laboratory approved, and unconditionally guaranteed.


Lipase – These enzymes attach all fats and greases, breakdown their molecular     structure, and dissolve them.


Amylase – These enzymes breakdown all the starches they come in contact with and dissolves them.


Protease – The most common enzymes found in a septic system, these enzymes literally feed on, and beak down all organic wastes of the protein family.


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